Hi, I am Steph!
The author of TreatU.

TreatU is a New York based lifestyle blog about beauty, health and fashion where you'll find many interesting reviews about beauty products, healthy lifestyle and fashion guide from all over the world.

I am an Indonesian born who moved to New York City in my twentieth. Now I am officially become a New Yorker and residing in New York City, where everything in fashion is happening -- happening first.

I live with two different cultures, which are Asian and American. My lifestyle is a mixture between both cultures.

I have been blogging for quite a while since 2012 and own several blogs such as travel blog, cooking blog, and etc. This time, I decided to make something new to entertain more niche readers especially in the fashion and beauty world. I am hoping that my old and new readers will enjoy this brand new blog :)

So stay tuned!

With love,

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